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International Stock Lending   

Value Proposition for Borrowers - Liquidity | Terms | Privacy

10 Major Benefits for The Borrower: 

  1. You are not personally liable for the loan.

  2. You are not personally guaranteeing the loan, so you may not be required to disclose the loan to third parties. Many borrowers prefer the privacy that this feature affords.

  3. Our loans free-up cash for time-sensitive opportunities and eventualities. Without losing your appreciating, income-generating assets.

  4. You will have a clean, liquid balance sheet, making you a more attractive borrower when pursuing other financing opportunities.

  5. The lender has no recourse against you. You have zero liability if the lender sustains a total loss on your loan. The lender assumes all risk. Any losses from a sudden collapse in the price of the securities pledged for your loan are the lender's loss--walk away at any time.

  6. Our loan structure provides you with ongoing borrowing access, because the lender's loan is non-recourse and doesn't affect your credit.

  7. With a non-recourse loan, you can walk away from the loan, the day after the loan is funded and not be liable for any future interest payments or principal repayment.

  8. Your personal credit, financials, income, tax returns do not come into consideration with our non-recourse loans.

  9. If you walk away, the lender can only seize the securities pledged for the loan, and no other personal assets. Safer than a recourse bank loan or a margin loan!

  10. You do not have to disclose liability on financial statements or to other lenders, because you are not required to repay the loan. This frees-up your borrowing power while increasing your liquidity.                                         


When you, as a borrower, take out a large recourse loan with a financial brokerage or bank you put everything you own at risk if the collateral collapses. Our non-recourse loan is a huge benefit for you as you are able to enjoy all the benefits of a non-recourse loan while also offering you benefits of realizing upside appreciation if your collateral increases in value.

NO Personal Tax Returns - NO Personal Income - NO Loan Limit - NO Credit Review - NO Personal Guarantee - NO Application Fees.

True Asset-Based Liquidity. Maintain a stable portfolio without affecting credit standing or selling-off securities.

Contact us today to answer any questions and to inquire about our fast term sheet turn-around times. (Contact us Here)


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True asset-based liquidity, non-recourse terms and great rates--this is the market's outstanding stock lending program.   


Download the Stock Exchanges We Lend In Globally PDF:    

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