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Deal Distribution Services (Pricing Structure) 



Seer delivers massive worldwide visibility of your deal and capital request. This puts your deal in front of the widest possible audience of active investors and lenders globally.

Deal Distribution is a retainer-based capital advisory service that successful clients engage to professionally promote their deals worldwide. 





Retainer-Based Pricing: Q3/Q4 2021 - Request our Information Sheet with Current Pricing

Deal Distribution Services (Capital Marketing Campaign)

U.S. Marketing - Within the United States:            (Contact Us for new pricing)  

International - Outside the United States:             (Contact Us for new pricing)  

Added Services: 

Add a country to the U.S. Marketing:        (Contact Us)  

Internet PPC Ads Management                 (Contact Us)  *Various PPC Targeting Options 

NOTE: Based on client feedback, prior hourly based retainer is now replaced by geographic coverage pricing - effectively cutting the cost in half to allow increased access and flexibility.    


The same process used by Wall Street for registered offerings, brought to you for your capital request

"We have spent years developing and refining one of the most comprehensive Global Targeted Capital databases."

Value Proposition: 

Now Clients can leverage Seer's information technology resources and brand recognition in the financial markets regardless of the geography, deal type or requirement.


What is deal distribution? (Click Here)

Customer Perspective

“We needed bigger exposure for our capital needs. Seer got us in front of nearly 8,000 capital sources and we had several viable offers to work with. Going forward, this will be our standard for reaching capital.”


M. Dosanjh

United Kingdom

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