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Deal Flow Management



Don’t leave profit opportunity on the table!  As an investment professional, you probably review hundreds of deals and capital requests each year. The fact is you will take a pass on the vast majority of these deals.    


Refer your qualified deals to us! Seer's popular Private Equity Services helps clients place their deal elsewhere by achieving unprecedented global visibility. A warm lead from you turns into a win for the client and benefit for you too.  

Now, we have added Banks, Insurance Companies and Private Lenders to our powerful Global P/E Databases.       

Rely on our professional and effective business model and simple protocol... hand-off your fly-over deals to us and we'll run the next leg of the relay.   

How it works: Hand-off the declined deal to us as a warm lead and make an introduction by email - that's it... we'll do all the rest. If and when the deal funds through our efforts, we'll instruct our attorney paymaster to forward the agreed referral fee. Simple! 

Contact us today for the current Information Sheet and to answer any of your questions. (Contact Here) 

Deal Referral - A Service for Investors & Lenders

Just because you take a pass on funding a deal, doesn’t mean you should take a pass on future profit potential.

We have spent years developing and refining one of the most comprehensive Global Private Equity and Targeted Capital databases -- delivering the massive visibility requestors need to get their deal funded.

Value Proposition & Procedure: 

We're your go-to Partner for Deal Flow Referral. (Click Here)   

The Client's Perspective: Familiarize yourself with Seer's Private Equity Services here:   

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