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Value Proposition & Procedure 






Professionalism, responsiveness, reliability and great communication are what you expect when referring a deal; and these are the promises we deliver each day.

You also want a partner that can deliver an excellent program like our Private Equity Services (Global Capital Search) that provides the client/requestor massive visibility of their deal and capital request.


Many lenders and investors will pass on over 95% of all requests received this year. Keep your hand in play for revenue by simply referring your fly-over deals to us. Our Private Equity Services is a retained search for capital. This ultra-wide exposure to our global capital partners offers Applicants the best chance of funding, feedback and progress. We are also a capital advisory and assist applicants in refining their requests, their plans and pitch decks. We assemble a professional Teaser and structure a Deal Page on our website to aid investors/lenders to interact with us and express interest in client deals. It's a value-add for all parties.   

And now, we have added Banks, Insurance Companies and Private Lenders to our powerful Global P/E Databases, so we can place debt as well as equity capital requests.       

The Warm Referral: 


When you inform a client that you will be taking a pass on their deal, you may also inform them about us and explain that we are a firm that offers a powerful capability to gain global visibility of their deal. We feel that we are the client's best opportunity to obtain broad exposure of their deal for funding and investment. You make a simple introduction to one of our Managing Partners and that's it--we handle the rest. 


We inform you if the referred client engages with us and if funded, we send a Payment Undertaking to you and CC to our Attorney Paymaster. The payment undertaking is executed per our pre-agreed terms, and referral fee forwarded directly by our paymaster. **


** All referral fees are paid by the attorney paymaster minus standard paymaster fees. See the current Program Information Sheet for this information.

(NOTE: All referral sources are indemnified within our best efforts services agreement with the client, so contingent liability is never a concern)  

Contact us today for the current Information Sheet and to answer any of your questions. (Contact Here) 

Deal Referral Services 

Referring deals and funding requests to Seer is easy! This is perfect for Investment Firms, Individual Investors, Banks & Bankers, Direct Lenders and Approved Intermediaries. 

We have spent years developing and refining one of the most comprehensive Global Private Equity and Targeted Capital databases--delivering the massive visibility requestors need to get their deal funded.

The Client's Perspective: Familiarize yourself with Seer's Private Equity Services here:   

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