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1. Easy App gathers the minimum required Applicant and Request information that we need to open a file and respond to the subject Request.

2. FINANCIALS. Financials should be 5 to 10 Year Proforma Consolidated P&L Cashflow Statements clearly showing Debt Service Coverage Ratio, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), NOI, EBITDA. For Requestors with active operations we need 3 years historical operating financials.  


3. Given a positive review status, additional information will be required.

4. Please be prepared to provide additional information including but not limited to: Use of Funds Schedule, 3 Years Historical Financials, List of Properties Owned (for CRE Deals), Track Record & Experience of Requestor, Full Business Plans as required, Personal Financial Statements (PFS) if required, 3 Years Business and Personal Tax Returns for SBA loans, Credit Rating for SBA Loans. Not all items are required for all funding options. 

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