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Seer Enterprise Consulting  

Enterprise Consulting Services, Solutions and Staffing   

VITAL Integration Services [Addressing Technical Debt]

Vital Integration addresses the challenges of Technical Debt build-up for client companies. Concurrent with the topic of technical debt are key adjacent factors involving Supply Base Reduction (SBR), Vendor/Product Rationalization, Contract Optimization, Product Portfolio Solutions, Synergy Management and Enterprise Architecture Alignment. (Learn More Here)


Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

From pre-deal readiness and risk assessment to post-close integration. Seer delivers M&A driven integration for Tuck-ins/Bolt-ons, P/E Roll-ups, Divestitures, Carve-Outs, Standalones, JVs, Asset Deals, Stock Deals, Nested Acquisitions; and key activities like corporate development, synergy management, site assessments, risk appraisal, and budget development. (Learn More Here)

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Seer delivers book of knowledge expertise and track record of the OCM discipline, excellent multifaceted communication skills, and a foundation in program and project management. OCM principles permeate every client engagement. (Learn More Here)


Program & Project Management (PPM)  

Seer’s PPM resources deliver on long-term goals and objectives for full-lifecycle leadership. We collaborate with enterprise teams and efficiently work in concert with or for client PMO/IMO Organizations. Our professionals deal effectively with ambiguity and complex challenges and deliver a focus on cost control, risk management, effective communication, scope containment and ultimately successful delivery. (Contact)

Corporate Development & Due Diligence Services 

Seer supports Corporate Development Organizations, Operations Teams, Finance/Accounting and the C-Suite with capabilities such as market analysis, acquisition targeting, risk assessment, due diligence, strategy development, capital sourcing, and GO/NO-GO decision support. (Contact)  

Technology Services & Staffing 

We leverage our powerful recruiting engine and wide-ranging relationships to deliver quality staffing, whether this is for delivery of the right skills into client engagements or to support independent requests for talent acquisition. (Contact)

Based on the VITAL Integration Framework developed by Seer Corporation through client interaction and engagement. 

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