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Lenders, Investors & Business Partners  

Seer maintains relationships with strategic business partners worldwide. Some of our partners include direct lenders, insurance companies, hedge funds, capital investment firms, asset managers, preferred equity providers, mezzanine lenders, debt/equity specialists, investment banks and individual lenders/investors.

We are currently seeking the following:


1.        Individual Investor(s) (Debt or Equity) for Trade Desk launch. Small risk capital component plus larger credit enhancement request. Participation can be syndicated across multiple investors.

2.       Private Equity / Individual Investors for Multiple Top Real Estate deals. Current requirements for Limited Partner preferred equity from $1M to $22M.


3.       General Partner (GP) requirement for large-scale Planned Unit Development. GP will have a great deal of flexibility and upside. $60M common equity requirement—can be syndicated with Limited Partners.


Please contact us immediately to discuss these opportunities.   


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