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Organizational Change Management (OCM)
Improve performance, seize opportunities, address key issues
Whether it’s PROSCI/ADKAR, ACMP/CCMP, Kotter's, McKinsey, Kübler-Ross, or other standard--(even client-developed approaches), Seer’s resources bring strong knowledge and track record of the OCM discipline, excellent multifaceted communication skills, and a foundation in program and project management.   

Seer Professionals effectively deliver to specific objectives or combine multiple disciplines to deliver successful OCM outcomes for its clients. This includes:
  • OCM Methods and Delivery Standards (point project to enterprise-wide).
  • Drive and accelerate global technology adoption.
  • OCM Lead/Support/Advise. Working independently or part of PMO/IMO.  
  • Project & Program Management (PPM) Perspective. 
  • Complex technology deployments, organization realignment, product launch, culture change.
  • Strong Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement.
  • Readiness Assessment, Risk Analysis & Managing Resistance.
"When stakeholders aren’t fully aware of the change, or don’t understand the role they are supposed to play, or if they are resistant without effective engagement – You’re not ready... and your chance of success is impacted."   
Seer partners with clients at all levels of their organization to deliver OCM solutions within complex technology ecosystems and challenging business environments.
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