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How to Request Capital

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Presenting Funding Requests and working with Seer Corporation to test interest in funding your deal.

Seer's process for requesting capital is simple and straight forward. Please use this blog to help understand the process and watch this space often for changes, updates and additional guidance.

We've made requesting capital easy. Just go to our Easy Application in the top menu--called Easy App. This easy application page collects the basic information that we need in order to review your request and assess how we would approach your funding requirement.

Sometime, a Requestor feels that Easy App doesn't fit their situation. If this is the case just complete the required inputs the best you can and use the Project Request / Description to explain your special needs.

We will receive the Easy App information and reply to your request as soon as possible.

Reminder: You can attached financials and files to the Easy App page. Save long business plans and large documents for later - we may ask you for those later.

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