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VITAL Integration Services   

Achieving Alignment & Integration - Addressing the Challenges of Technical Debt

We define Technical Debt as a lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder.

There are many forces driving client's technical debt challenges. And despite the reasons a company may have ended up where they're at, we find the problem domain to be fairly repeatable: under-investment, business change, M&A inheritance, even divestitures have an impact.

No matter what the drivers, the result is often a corporate install-base of systems, products, services and processes in disarray. At a minimum clients are concerned about contingent liability and cost -- that a bad situation may get worse.

But technical debt is an outcome not a causation. Supply Base Reduction (SBR), Vendor/Product Rationalization, Contract Optimization, Product Portfolio Solutions, Synergy Management, Enterprise Architecture Alignment and many other factors are at play when tackling this critical integration activity.

Seer's VITAL Integration Framework is an engagement approach for tackling the various subject areas that are key in achieving alignment & integration. 

We believe the "The Systems are the Enterprise..." and we dedicate our efforts to our client's pursuit of alignment and streamlining cost.

Call us today to learn about Seer's VITAL Integration Services and lets put some scope around your integration goals.  Get some insight into the VITAL Framework below... 

Based on the VITAL Integration Framework developed by Seer Corporation through client interaction and engagement. 

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