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Deal Distribution Services


Deal Distribution is a simple concept, but difficult to achieve--without help. 

In its most basic form, Deal Distribution is the practice of sales and marketing for your deal and capital request. You wouldn't undertake any business endeavor without effective marketing, and seeking capital is no different. But it is specialized too. 

We're always amazed when we see Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) vendors pushing their document prep services as if having the PPM Document equals funding---it doesn't. Once the planning document is prepared, it has to be marketed and the real work begins. This is Deal Distribution.

It can also be thought of as Capital Campaign Management, because we're guiding client deals through a campaign for commercial capital.

Most capital seekers call a few lenders/investors they know or see on Google and may post in some on-line service, but they generally never effectively market their capital request. The result can be that they find themselves in a marathon of wasted time marked by poor visibility of their deal, lack of an organized approach and loss of direction.  

Deal Distribution is a regular practice and a large budget line-item for registered offerings as you would see on Wall Street. However, in the unregistered world of commercial capital and targeted private investment, the same capabilities are thought to be too expensive, too inaccessible and are therefore not readily used.

Seer's Deal Distribution Services are both accessible and bring an organized approach in managing commercial capital requests. We have spent years developing incredible information assets that allow us to reach virtually every global capital source with precision. We couple this powerful technology with 15 years of experience working with private equity. Now that's what we call getting eyes on your deal!     

When you get serious about your capital campaign, please contact us and let us understand your business and funding objectives.   

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What is Deal Distribution? And how does this help my deal get funded?

Technology and Track Record: We have spent years developing and refining one of the most comprehensive Global Private Equity and Targeted Capital databases.

Customer Value Proposition: 

Now Clients can leverage Seer's information technology resources and brand recognition in the financial markets regardless of the geography, deal type or requirement.  

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